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Jul. 29, 2021

For customers who read the message "Please bring your valid residence card"

When there are changes of your period of stay and/or the status of residence, you are kindly requested to present your valid residence card.

A letter titled "Request for Presentation of Valid Residence Card" is sent to customers whose period of stay registered with us expired.
Please be aware that if you do not present your valid residence card, some of your transactions may be restricted.

If the message "Please bring your valid residence card" is displayed when you use an ATM or Yucho Direct (web service), please present your valid residence card and your passbook or cash card to Japan Post Bank or Post Office savings counter.

Even if the message is not displayed on the ATM screen or Yucho Direct page, when you renewed your residence card, please present it to us at your earliest convenience.

Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

Regarding other language versions of notification and FAQs, please refer to the files below.


■ATM transaction detail slip

ATM transaction detail slip

■Yucho Direct login screen

Yucho Direct login screen

■Yucho Direct transaction error screen

Yucho Direct transaction error screen

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