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Annual Report

Click below to download the Annual Report of JAPAN POST BANK.

Message from the President

*The top message has been replaced due to a change in directors as of April 1, 2024.

April 1, 2024
Takayuki Kasama
Director, President and Representative Executive Officer

Message from Outside Directors (Excerpt from Annual Report 2023)

JAPAN POST BANK Annual Report 2023

All Pages

Selected Pages

Title Page PDF
Cover, Purpose of JAPAN POST BANK, The Management Philosophy of JAPAN POST BANK, The Mission of JAPAN POST BANK, Contents 0
Management Message
Message from the President 2
Financial and Capital Strategies 8
A Story of Value Creation
The Purpose of JAPAN POST BANK 12
The Path of Value Creation 14
JAPAN POST BANK’s Strengths (Competitive Advantages) 16
JAPAN POST BANK’s Value Creation Process 18
Business Model 20
JAPAN POST BANK’s Priority Issues (Materiality) 22
Value Creation (Highlights) 24
Progress and Results of the Strategy
Progress of the Medium-term Management Plan (FY2022/3 through FY2026/3) 26
Three Growth Engines
1st Engine: Retail Business 28
2nd Engine: Market Business 32
"Special Feature:
An operational structure that brings together investment
professionals with advanced expertise and knowledge"
Interview with Management 37
3rd Engine: Σ Business (Regional Vitalization) 38
Strengthening the management base to drive the three engines of growth 42
Management Base to Support Sustainable Growth
Human capital management 44
Special Feature:
Initiatives regarding respect for human rights
Stakeholder Communication 54
Environment 60
Message from an Outside Director 64
Corporate Governance 68
Board of Directors, Executive Officers and Managing Directors 72
Concerning the JAPAN POST GROUP Agreement 77
Risk Management 78
Cybersecurity 82
Compliance 84
Internal Auditing 86
Appendix/Corporate Data
Contents, Financial and Economic Environment 87
Financial and Non-financial Data 89
Risk Management (Details) 90
Corporate Data 96

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