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Notes on Use of this Website

Japan Post Bank Website (; hereinafter referred to as "the Site") offers you service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") to furnish you with information on the various activities of Japan Post Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the Bank"), and is administered by a subcontractor commissioned so to do by the Bank.

Upon your access to the Site, please follow the Terms and Conditions on Use of this website (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms.")Your use of the Service will be considered as your acceptance of the following Terms.

Please make possible effort to stay informed of the latest Terms as may be updated as required without prior notice when you access the Service provided.

1. Website Use

  • Any person accessing the Site (hereinafter referred to as "the User") shall access or use the Site in compliance with all the laws and regulations applicable to any such access or use.
  • The Service may be discontinued without prior notice for the maintenance of the Site (including any emergency maintenance.)
  • For more pleasant experience, we recommend that you view this Website on one of the following browsers.

    * Please understand that even when the recommended environment is in place, users' browser settings and other settings may prevent correct viewing.

    【Recommended Browser】

    ・Google Chrome latest version
    ・Mozilla Firefox latest version

    ・Android standard browser
    ・iOS standard browser

2. Intellectual Property

  • All the intellectual property rights (including trademark rights, copyrights, and all the other rights of the equivalent nature; hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Intellectual Property Rights") of all the contents, texts, images, data, software, information, or other references(hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Contents") belong to the Bank or the providers of the Contents and are under the protection of the laws and regulations applicable and related to the intellectual property rights.
  • The Users may access or use the Site in compliance with the Terms and relevant laws and regulations, and may download and print the Contents.
  • The Contents and/or any matter included therein as a whole or in part may not be duplicated, altered, published, transmitted, distributed, assigned, loaned, licensed, reproduced, or reutilized without prior authorization beyond the purposes of personal use or expressedly set out in laws and regulations.
  • The rights on the trademarks, logos, trade names described upon the Site are reserved by the Bank or the respective proprietors of such rights. The use of such rights without authorization of the Bank is prohibited by the Trademark Law and other laws and regulations unless such use is not prohibited thereunder.

3. Indemnity

  • The Bank does not offer any warranty for the information included in the Site as to the aspects including without limitation the completeness, accuracy, effectiveness, security thereof, but uses various cautions available for the Bank to be applied to such information.
  • The bank does not offer any warranty as to the reliable provision of the Service by or access results to the Site.
  • The information posted on the Site does not represent comprehensive or exhaustive information on the Activities of the Bank, but represents merely a part thereof. The Bank shall not be held responsible for any consequence attributable to the Users' decision and/or acts made based upon the information posted on the Site.
  • Any part of the information posted in the Site is nothing but the information available at the time of such posting and is subject to change and/or deletion without prior notice with respect to matters including names and descriptions therein. The Bank shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the Users and accrued from the posting of the information become obsolete or different from the state of affairs in the course thereof or any addition, change, or deletion of the Service.
  • The electronic address or the uniform resource locator code of the Site may be changed without any preceding notice thereof. The Bank shall not be held responsible for the defects related to the display or presentation of the Site or any other impact or any other damages whatsoever related thereto incurred or suffered as a result of the alteration or deletion of the information posted on the Site or change of electronic address thereof.
  • The Bank shall not be held responsible for the damages suffered by the Users by the suspension of the Service on the Site due to the maintenance thereof or due to the force majeure including but not limited to the fire, blackout and other natural disasters, as well as virus infection and attack by third parties.
  • The Bank does not warrant any website linked from the Site (hereinafter referred to as "the Link") with respect to the aspects including without limitation the accuracy and legal compliance thereof. In the event where use of the Link results in any problem, the Link must be responsible thereof, and the User shall be responsible for the disposition thereof.
  • Any complaint or claim that is incurred from the use of or access to the service by the User or the violation hereof by the User or infringement of the rights of a third party by the User or that is given rise to in relation thereto shall be settled by the User's sole responsibility and costs and the Bank shall have no liability whatsoever in relation thereto. If any cost (including without limitation any damages paid) is incurred by the Bank from responding to the said complaint or claim, then the User shall indemnify the Bank for any such cost.

4. Prohibited Matters

  • The User of the Site may not engage into any of the following conducts.
    • Act which damages or infringes, or may damage or infringe, any property or privacy of the Bank or any third party.
    • Act which causes, or may cause, any loss or damage to the Bank or any third party.
    • Act which is, or may be, offensive to public order and morals.
    • Act which is, or may be, a criminal act or which leads to, or may lead to, any criminal act.
    • Report or notification which is a misrepresentation including without limitation registering electronic mail address of any other person than the User himself/herself.
    • Act which is intended for commercial activity or which is profit oriented, or which is designed for the preparation thereof.
    • Act which injures or damages the name or trust of the third parties.
    • Use or installation of programs which is intended to, or may be, harmful for the system including without limitation computer viruses.
    • Act which is, or may be, considered to be a violation of any law or regulation.
    • Any other act which is deemed unfit to the Site by the Bank.

5. Security

  • Albeit the Site has been implementing efforts to attain higher security standards to eliminate issues including without limitation unauthorized access to the information of the User and loss, destruction, falsification, and divulgation thereof, please be notified of the fact that risk of divulgation of the information still exists due to the nature of the Internet communication.

6. Link

  • As a general rule, link to the Site may be freely created. However, the Bank shall not authorize any link that:-
    • is from such site being adversely affecting to the public order and morals or otherwise degrading the trust and status of the Site;
    • is from the site considered to be with offense or possible offense against laws and regulations;
    • is linked to any specific frame of the Site, or otherwise in such way that the certainty of the Website of the Bank may be compromised;
    • may give a false impression of any sort that the website linked to the Site is in affiliation or collaborative relationship with the Bank, or that the Bank acknowledges or supports the said website; or,
    • is otherwise deemed unfit by the Bank.
  • As a general rule, the Site does not offer any mutual link.
  • Upon linking to the Site, please set the link to the Top ( of the Site.

7. Miscellaneous

  • The User's consent to additional agreements other than this Agreement may be required upon using some contents of the Site. In any website that is administered by the Bank and that is furnished with individual agreements aside from this Agreement, the individual agreements shall supersede this Agreement.
  • This Agreement shall be construed pursuant to the laws and regulations of Japan, and the User agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the person by the courts in Japan for any matter arising from the Agreement.
  • In the event of any dispute between the Bank and the User that is given rise to in relation to the Site, the Service, and/or the Agreement, the Bank and the User shall seek in good faith a disposal which is satisfactory for both the Bank and the User The Bank has no obligation to be involved within any dispute between the User and any third party. In the event the foregoing good-faith effort not settling such dispute followed by the adjudication therein being sought, the Bank and the User hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction by Tokyo District Court in Japan for the first instance. The proceedings of the said dispute must be filed or commenced within one year from the occurrence of the causes thereof.
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