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CSR Basic Policy

CSR Concept

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We aim to be "the most accessible and trustworthy bank in Japan," guided by the needs and expectations of our customers, provide "new convenience" and "peace of mind," and contribute to creating a sustainable society and future through our business activities, while securing sustainable growth as a company.

CSR Promotion System

JAPAN POST BANK, with consideration for the importance of CSR, has established the CSR Committee to hold expert consultations on CSR and receive reports from concerned departments, as an advisory body to the Executive Committee.
Each division in charge implements CSR-related measures under the guidance of the CSR Committee, and the Public Relations Department coordinates and promotes these measures, then reports on their status twice annually. The content of the CSR Committee meetings is always reported to the Executive Committee afterwards.
In this way, we have established a corporate structure and are working on CSR activities as a company.

CSR Promotion System

Link together each department from the viewpoint of CSR and obtain approval from the CSR Committee regarding CSR-related policies and activity plans.

Themes of Specific Initiatives

JAPAN POST BANK has set down four themes to realize the concepts described above.

In setting these themes and priority initiatives, we gave consideration to the relationship between stakeholders and JAPAN POST BANK's business activities and the social issues inherent in that relationship, and aimed to contribute to solving problems at a higher level with a particular focus on those areas in which this relationship is deep and the impact is large.
In addition, we have engaged in dialogue with experts and JAPAN POST GROUP, and reflected the opinions we received there.

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