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Specific Initiatives

Customers & Markets

JAPAN POST BANK considers the basis of all its business and the basis of its CSR to be providing secure and convenient,
community-based services to all its customers through its network of approximately 24,000 post offices nationwide.
We aim to listen intently to the voices of our customers, use those voices as a guide in pursuing more convenient service, and provide customer-oriented “new convenience” and “peace of mind.”

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Regional Communities

We believe that the Japanese economy can only develop so long as local economies develop. Therefore, relationships with local communities are very important to JAPAN POST BANK, as a financial institution rooted in the community. We will carry on our tradition of working hand in hand with members of local communities, while contributing to the development of the Japanese economy through revitalization of local economies with new initiatives, such as the flow of funds to communities and mechanisms that meet the needs for cashless transactions.
Fostering the next generation is a common challenge for communities. In particular, all sorts of new money-related problems involving youth have arisen with the spread of credit cards and e-money. Furthermore, the impact on youth from the spread of poverty is growing stronger, but we at JAPAN POST BANK believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the improvement of financial literacy as a way to help solve these problems. We will contribute to the future of regional communities by helping to raise children who have the basic skills to boldly make their own path forward, through education about money that utilizes our unique attributes as a financial institution.

Employees (Diversity Management)

JAPAN POST BANK considers its employees, the driving force for realizing customer-oriented business operations, as important stakeholders.
We will increase diversity in our corporate culture, and create lively, employee-friendly working environments where each individual employee can demonstrate their full potential, as a way to promote behavioral change among employees.


Actions aimed at solving global environmental problems such as climate change, deforestation, and water pollution are the responsibility of every company in the world. JAPAN POST BANK strives to reduce the environmental impact of its business and actively works to reduce the environmental impact of society overall through financial products.

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