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Press Release

Press Release

May 14, 2021

Notification Regarding the Formulation of Our “Medium-term Management Plan (FY22/3 through FY26/3)”

Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda, Tokyo; Director, President and Representative Executive Officer, Norito Ikeda, hereinafter “Japan Post Bank”) has formulated its Medium-term Management Plan (FY2022/3 through FY2026/3)” (hereinafter the “Medium-term Management Plan”), with a plan period starting from FY2022/3 going through FY2026/3, and hereby provides notice thereof.

Under our previous medium-term management plan (from FY2019/3 through FY2021/3), despite the challenging environment presented to us, we worked on the Provision of high-quality customer-oriented financial services, Funds flow to Regional communities, Diversification and Sophistication of Investment Management and Strengthening the business management system took steady steps toward solidifying the foundation necessary to realize our ideal state.
On the other hand, the business environment faced by Japan Post Bank is changing drastically, including a declining population and super-aging society, the contracting regional economies, advance in the digital innovations, and changes to new lifestyles in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. We have formulated a new Medium-term Management Plan based on our recognition of the challenges regarding this changing environment, as well as our strengths and management resources.
We will positioned the period of the Medium-term Management Plan as a five-year period for “deepening trust, and taking on the challenge for financial innovations,” and aim for innovations to our business model and enhancements to business sustainability through the the five key strategies formulated as specifically strategies.

Note that details of the plan are as described in the attached materials.

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