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Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG)

JAPAN POST BANK sees CSR as one of its highest management priorities given the fundamental importance of the Bank's role in society. Aiming to become "the most accessible and trustworthy Bank in Japan," we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. In the process, we will remain focused on three key CSR themes—offering accessible services to everyone, contributing to society and local communities, and protecting the environment.
※CSR:Corporate Social Responsibility

Offering Accessible Services to Everyone

Pension Delivery Service

We offer regular home delivery of pension payments for pension recipients who have difficulty in going to the Bank and picking up their pensions, such as senior citizens and customers who are physically challenged.

New Welfare Time Deposits

We offer time deposits with a maturity of one year for individuals who may deposit up to \3 million that offer preferential interest rates for recipients of certain pensions and allowances, such as the disability basic pension, and the basic pension for surviving family.

Services Using Braille for the Visually Impaired

To ensure that visually impaired customers have access to the Bank's services, we provide services in which the content of ordinary deposits and various notices are presented using Braille and delivered to these customers.
Moreover, all of our ATMs are Braille-enabled and have voice guidance systems so that visually impaired customers can use them, and we also provide Braille bank cards.

ATMs with Braille displays that show transaction amounts

Discounted Money Transfer Fees for the Visually Impaired

We offer discounts on money transfer fees for visually impaired customers transferring money from teller windows at branches. By presenting their physical disability certificates, these customers can transfer money from branch teller windows at the ATM rate, which is lower than the branch teller window rate.

Barrier-free Facilities

Entrances and exits at branches of the Bank have been fitted with ramps so that steps can be avoided and with handrails, thereby enabling senior citizens and people who are physically challenged to readily access bank services. In addition, Braille walkway blocks have been installed for visually challenged customers in ATM facilities and branches.

Employee-Friendly Workplaces

We aim to provide employee-friendly workplaces where employees can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, while achieving a good balance between work and the family. In addition to providing support systems as regards child care and nursing care, we strive to support employees through a reduced working-hours system and by encouraging employees to take planned leave. We also conduct various seminars for our employees.

Contributing to Society and Local Communities

JAPAN POST BANK Deposits for International Aid

The "JAPAN POST BANK Deposits for International Aid" program allows all our customers to donate the equivalent of 20% (fractions smaller than a yen are omitted) of the interest received on their savings (after-tax) to JAPAN POST BANK. Subsequently, through the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Fund, these resources are used in such activities as improving living standards in developing countries and regions and in environmental preservation measures.

Free Money Transfers for Natural Disaster Relief Donations and Emergency Handling of Deposits

To support the relief activities for those affected by natural disasters, we offer free money transfers for natural disaster relief donations. These free money transfers were paid in through ordinary means and then sent from the Bank or savings counters at post offices to the relevant accounts.
In addition, we are able to conduct the emergency handling of deposits. We permit withdrawals and offer other special services to depositors who have lost their account passbooks, certificates, personal seals or other such articles as a result of natural disasters, provided that certain conditions are met.

Piggy Bank Design Contest for Children

With the objectives of heightening children's interest in saving and fostering their artistic creativity by making piggy banks, we have been holding the JAPAN POST BANK original piggy bank design contest for children, the leaders of tomorrow's society, since 1975.

Protecting the Environment

Energy Efficiency Measures

The Bank has prepared the Ecology Guidebook and other guidelines in cooperation with other JAPAN POST GROUP companies. These guidelines set forth concrete methods on how to achieve energy efficiency and conserve resources. Based on these guidelines, the Bank is implementing measures to increase energy efficiency, as well as conserve resources by reducing copy paper usage, at all branches and facilities.

"JP Forest" Creation

The JAPAN POST GROUP has established the JP Forest to actively engage in community forestry activities with directors and employees taking part voluntarily in collaboration with NPOs and other organizations to plant and raise trees as a shared CSR activity aimed at promoting sustainable forests.

Diversity Management

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