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Management Strategy

Medium-Term Management Plan (Fiscal Year 2019/3 – Fiscal Year 2021/3)

JAPAN POST BANK has formulated its “Medium-Term Management Plan (Fiscal Year 2019/3 to Fiscal Year 2021/3)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Medium-Term Management Plan”) for the planning period from FY2019/3 to FY2021/3.

In the Medium-Term Management Plan that has now been formulated, we have positioned the three years starting from FY2019/3 as a period in which to consolidate our management platform in a bid towards sustainable future growth as we secure stable earnings in a tough business environment. Moreover, as members of Team JP, we will use the post office network to continue to stand by the side of its customers, and steadfastly support each of the wide range of individuals across Japan, spanning from small children to the elderly, throughout their long lives.

Specifically, we will endeavor to Customer-Oriented Financial Services; Diversification and Sophistication of Investment Management; Funds Flow to Regional Communities; and Strengthening Business Management System in a bid to Providing “new convenience” and “peace of mind” to customers; Promotion of internationally diversified investments and supply of risk money to Japanese industry through the effective utilization of capital; and Contribution to development of the Japanese economy through stimulation of local economies.

JAPAN POST GROUP Management Policy

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